740.00119 Control (Italy)/1–1347

The Secretary of State to the Yugoslav Ambassador (Kosanović)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of the Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia and has the honor to refer to his note Pov. Br. 56 of January 13, 1947.

The Department has noted that the Yugoslav Government has protested against the removal of certain plant and industrial equipment by its owners from one part of Zone A to another part of Zone A of Venezia Giulia. The Yugoslav Government has also protested the removal to locations in Italy outside of Venezia Giulia of certain transportation equipment. In view of the fact that both actions are clearly permissible under the terms of the Duino Agreement,1 and that that Agreement remains at the present time in full force and effect, the United States Government cannot accept the protest of the Yugoslav Government against these legitimate activities, nor can it agree to the request of the Yugoslav Government that further removals be suspended and equipment already removed be returned.

  1. See footnote 2, p. 57.