The British Embassy to the Department of State


Ref: G.9


His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom consider it extremely important that immediate arrangements should be made for the demarcation of the provisional Italo-Yugoslav frontier.

2. At present British and American Forces hold the Morgan Line. When the Peace Treaty with Italy is ratified the Allied Forces will withdraw behind the new Italo-Yugoslav frontier, the guarding of which will then become the responsibility of the Italian and Yugoslav authorities. Exact delimitation or final demarcation of the new frontier clearly cannot be completed before the Allied Forces withdraw and it is therefore necessary that both the Italians and Yugoslavs should agree upon a provisional line subject to later adjustment in accordance with the results of final delimitation.

3. His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom propose that immediate arrangements should be made for a joint reconnaissance of the new frontier by representatives of the Italian and Yugoslav Governments under Four Power supervision in order that an interim [Page 62] international boundary may be agreed before ratification of the Treaty. Since the United States Government, the Soviet Government, the French Government and His Majesty’s Government all have responsibility in this matter, it is suggested that they should address appropriate notes to the Italian and Yugoslav Governments on the 18th February requesting them to appoint representatives for this purpose who should assemble in Trieste on the 28th February. His Majesty’s Government are also anxious to enquire whether the United States Government would wish to provide a representative to serve on the Four Power Commission to supervise the temporary delimitation of the frontier. Any such representative should also arrive at Trieste not later than the 28th February.

4. His Majesty’s Government consider this matter to be one of extreme urgency since if the frontier is not agreed by the time the Treaty enters into force considerable embarrassment would ensue. They would be grateful for a very early expression of the views of the United States Government on the foregoing. A similar communication is being made to the Soviet and French Governments.