871.00/10–3047: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Rumania 1

confidential   urgent

670. Dept agrees your recommendation (urtel 86, Oct 252) postpone any statement, representations or recourse Peace Treaty procedures re merits of prosecution National Peasant Party leaders. However, we consider advisable take prompt cognizance those aspects of indictment directed against US (urtels 108 undated; 110, Oct 30 et seq 3).

Emb London should inform Brit FonOff this proposal with view their taking parallel action in respect to charges against UK. When your Brit colleague has received similar instructions or upon further notification from Dept you are authorized, unless you perceive objection, to transmit FonMin note along following lines:

“I have been directed by my Govt to communicate to you the following:

It has come to the attention of the US Govt that the indictment of the leaders of the National Peasant Party of Rum now on trial includes charges that former representatives of the US in Rum or American members of their missions were implicated in an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the Rum Govt by force and violence. The [Page 503] Govt of the US has taken note of these accusations, not only as to their substance but also as to their character and as to the manner in which they have been put forward which in itself affords eloquent commentary on their political motivation and insincerity.

The US Govt deems it unnecessary and inappropriate to dignify by specific refutation charges presented in this fashion which falsely insinuate that the Govt of the US through its representatives has advocated or lent support to a contemplated attempt at overturning the Rum Govt by force.

By virtue of US participation in the agreements of Yalta, Potsdam and Moscow and in the exercise of US prerogatives as an Armistice Power, American representatives, for legitimate purposes, have maintained associations with representatives of all significant political elements in Rum. Such associations have been known to all and have properly been questioned by none.

The US has never condoned the unrepresentative character of the present Rum Govt nor the methods by which it attained and has perpetuated its authority. The views and efforts of the US, in conformity with its responsibilities to assist Rum in obtaining a broadly representative Govt responsive to the will of its people, are a matter of public record. So also are the views of the US Govt concerning the denial of human rights and fundamental freedoms to large segments of the Rum population in contravention of international commitments made by the Rum Govt.

The Rum people as well as free people everywhere will know how to assess the kind of implications directed against the Govt of the US which are now brought forward in this devious fashion.”

We contemplate publication this note following delivery.4

  1. This telegram was repeated to London as 4735 and to Moscow as 1124.
  2. Not printed.
  3. None of the messages under reference here is printed; they reported on the trial of Maniu and other National Peasant Party officials which opened on October 29.
  4. In response to the views set forth by Minister Schoenfeld in telegram 156, November 8, infra, and 161, November 10, from Bucharest, p. 506, the Department transmitted the following supplementary instructions in telegram 676, November 10, to Bucharest, not printed:

    “We desire for record take cognizance charges improper activity US officials and believe submission note suggested Deptel 670 best procedure for doing so. You accordingly authorized deliver note subject your discretion as to timing. In view collateral considerations which seem to make it advisable for present play down charges US involvement we will postpone publication for time being at least.” (871.00/11–1047)

    The note quoted in this telegram, with slight modifications, was eventually delivered to the Rumanian Foreign Ministry on November 14 and was released to the press on November 19; see Department of State Bulletin, November 30, 1947, p. 1057.