871.001 Mihai/10–2747: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Greece 1

top secret

1768. Urtel 1851, Oct 27. You may in your discretion reply along following lines King Paul’s inquiry re possibility of extension sanctuary to Rumanian royal family by Leg Bucharest:

US Govt is keenly aware precarious situation of King Michael and Queen Mother in present circumstances. This Govt is also mindful [Page 502] outstanding service to Allied cause rendered by Michael in directing coup d’état of Aug 1944 and his subsequent efforts on behalf democratic principles in Rumania.

The US has not in principle recognized right of asylum and in general this Govt has opposed extension of refuge by its diplomatic and consular representatives to persons outside their official or personal households. Immediate circumstances of a particular case have material bearing on determination any deviation from this rule for humanitarian reasons. Since circumstances effecting possible recourse Rumanian royal family to Leg Bucharest for sanctuary cannot be wholly foreseen it is not possible to determine in advance what action on part of US Rep would be appropriate and feasible. However, King Paul may be assured eventualities involving physical peril to Rumanian royal family will be matter of real concern to US.

For your confidential information, Dept has been in communication with Legation at Bucharest concerning this matter.

  1. Repeated to Bucharest as telegram 656.