845.00/5–247: Telegram

The Chargé in India ( Merrell ) to the Secretary of State


299. In hour and half conversation with Hare and Weil1 yesterday, Jinnah said Congress demand for partition Bengal and Punjab would not “frighten” him into joining union center; that even if “driven into Sind desert” he would refuse to join union. He said establishment Pakistan essential to prevent “Hindu imperialism” spreading into Middle East; Muslim countries would stand together against possible Russian aggression and would look to US for assistance. Reminded of Dawn’s 2 frequent jibes re US economic imperialism and dollar diplomacy, he said Dawn editors simply reflected attitude of Indian Muslims in general towards US and added jokingly “they had to make a living”. He said while he realized US Govt probably open-minded re Pakistan, most Indian Muslims felt Americans were against them (a) because most Americans seemed opposed to Pakistan and (b) US Govt and people backed Jews against Arabs in Palestine.

[Page 155]

Jinnah said he thought if Calcutta area were included in Pakistan, Hindus would adjust selves to situation but if they didn’t they would have to be brought under control and he thought this would “not take very long”. Apropos Punjab, he said Sikhs would be fairly treated and would have as many representatives in Pakistan Parliament as Sind or NWFP. Said he thought announcement HMG’s decision on Pakistan would clear atmosphere and reduce communal tension.

Jinnah’s manner was calm and gracious and he showed none of nervousness or effects of illness noted by Jones of New York Times on April 19 (mitel 280, April 213).

Difficult to believe eventual announcement HMG’s decision on Pakistan with or without partition of Bengal or Punjab will clear communal atmosphere. Force will undoubtedly have to be employed to control rebellious elements in Bengal and Punjab no matter who receives power from HMG in those areas.

Please repeat London.

  1. Raymond A. Hare of the Division of Middle Eastern and Indian Affairs, and Thomas E. Weil, Second Secretary of Embassy at New Delhi.
  2. Daily newspaper published in New Delhi; official organ of the Muslim League.
  3. Not printed.