The Counselor of the British Embassy (Allen) to the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Reber)

Ref. 35/ /47

Dear Reber: We have learned from the Foreign Office that they had conversations on the subject of Spain with Hickerson on the 3rd July and with a member of the United States Embassy on the 23rd.

It appears that at the latter conversation the Foreign Office explained why, after full consideration, they had come very reluctantly to the conclusion that there was nothing that our two Governments could do to improve the position inside Spain and that we must both fall back as a second best on action to prevent further intervention by the United Nations. You will remember that we last discussed this latter question on the 13th June, when you expressed the view that any general approach to a large circle of governments should be postponed until rather nearer the date of the United Nations Assembly. The Foreign Office, who were informed of your views at the time, now tell us that they hope that the State Department will agree that it would be unsafe to delay action much longer and that they accordingly wish to suggest August 8th as the target date upon which our two Governments should take coordinated action.

Perhaps you would let me know whether the United States Government are ready to fall in with this proposal. In that event, I could perhaps come down and have a further talk with you about details so [Page 1088] that, in particular, we might agree upon the list of Governments to be approached.

As regards the content of our approach, our view is that, provided the action of our respective representatives in the various capitals concerned is closely co-ordinated, particularly as regards timing, it is unnecessary for both of us to take exactly the same line.

I shall look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are ready to discuss the matter further.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Allen