711.52/2–2847: Telegram

The Chargé in Spain (Bonsal) to the Secretary of State


166. Immediately preceding telegram contains text signed editorial appearing this a.m.’s Falange organ Arriba with highly offensive [Page 1061] statements re US Govt (see especially last two paragraphs).1 I have orally indicated to high Foreign Office official for transmission to Ministry that I must regard this article as official statement of Spanish Govt since it appears in organ of single party, of which Franco is head, and I added that I was sending text to Dept for instructions as to any action which might be desirable.

In my judgment opportunity is afforded to press Foreign Office to oblige Falange organ to publish humiliating apology.

Dept’s views and instructions would be appreciated.

  1. Not printed. The penultimate paragraph of telegram 165, February 28, 1947, referred to Braden’s “Hispanophobia” and included the following sentence: “How long are there to be let loose through the world those degenerates and criminals who stain all that they touch and dishonor wherever they enter?” (811.00B/2–2847)