8521.00/2–447: Telegram

The Chargé in Spain (Bonsal) to the Secretary of State


97. Gen Beigbeder has just called on me to say that it is possible negotiations between Monarchist groups (which he represents with approval of Pretender Don Juan1) and Alliance of Democratic Forces including certain Republican elements, Socialists, UGT and CNT may possibly not certainly result in agreement within next few days. Beigbeder said purpose of giving information was to enable US Government to ponder its possible attitude toward new provisional government. He said that its eventual success would depend on “warmth” with which it was received abroad principally in Washington and London. He said he hoped that unofficial agents of this new organization when formed would be received in friendly manner in Washington and London. Other than stressing our policy regarding Franco regime I was non-committal. Full report being despatched.

It is my belief that if agreement reached on governmental slate including representatives of conservative classes largely Monarchists, Republicans and major labor organizations, important step forward would have been taken here. Difficulty is that of ascertaining representative character of self-styled leaders of various groups.

Repeated Paris 20, London 15.

  1. Juan de Borbón y Battenberg.