811.24559B/1–747: Telegram

The Minister in Denmark (Marvel) to the Secretary of State
top secret

9. Top Secret for the Secretary. Pursuant to Deptel 4, January 2 I conferred with Rasmussen last evening. Although I requested his personal views, he volunteered no reaction to the possible courses of action outlined by you except to state that this thinking came as a shock to him and that he believes US greatly over-emphasizes strategic location of Greenland. He was quite relieved to hear suggestion that he defer any action which might result in leaks and disclosure concerning your conversation with him, as he feels that such disclosure would not only be detrimental to Norway but also to Denmark. He agreed to take all steps necessary to prevent any leaks and specifically not to take matter up with Parliamentary Committee until Soviet-Norwegian negotiations materialized or became public. It is therefore important that I be kept advised as to these. He agreed that his understanding [Page 659] of your conversation of December 14 was only an exploratory one and did not in any way constitute a formal proposal or demand.

In my opinion this understanding most satisfactory as if your suggested courses of action were made known to Parliamentary Committee prompt publicity would be given by Communist members.