102.78/10–347: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in India


649. From Agriculture. Your 782, Sept. 2 and 909 Oct. 1.1 Indian food situation constantly reviewed here along with that of other countries. In view of current grain situation growing out of our decreased production total grains, developing plans for Marshall-plan countries, and rapidly rising prices, impossible for us to assure all countries that even IEFC July–Dec proposed program from U.S.A. will be met. Not possible to add to July–Nov programs to India totaling 408,500 tons, and currently it appears that Dec program cannot be more than fraction of Nov. Advisable India maximize efforts to procure much larger share of imports from other areas. Indian Mission and Embassy fully acquainted with our position over past several months.2 [Agriculture.]

  1. Telegram 909 not printed; in it Ambassador Grady reasserted the gravity of the food situation and pressed for an answer to telegram 782 (102.78/10–147).
  2. Documentation on the Ambassador’s further unsuccessful effort to effect an increase in United States grain exports to the new Dominion is in Department of State file No. 102.78.