740.00119 Council/11–2147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers at London

top secret

4935. Secdel 1497. For Williamson. In connection ComGenUSFA’s P–8045 Nov 10,50 which you may have discussed with Keyes and Erhardt, desirable Dept be informed earliest details any US proposal in CFM re drastic reduction occupation forces. From here we see greatest advantage propagandawise if such proposal is made in advance of possible Sov proposal for withdrawal troops rather than in response thereto. Latter might appear to have been forced by Sovs and presented as compromise offer not necessarily in good faith or at least as inviting further negotiation re size of remaining forces and kinds of projects in which they can be employed. In addition to points covered in P–8045, it would appear feasible in any US proposal to add stipulation that maintenance remnant occupation forces should be borne entirely by respective occupying powers and not by Austria.

We wish to exploit publicity value any such USDel proposal by all possible media, preparation for which Dept will undertake on priority basis as soon as notified.

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