740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–2447

The Secretary of State to the United States Military Governor for Germany (Clay)41


Dear Clay : I have received your letter of May 242 in response to the request I made to you in Berlin, and appreciate your giving me your detailed views regarding the various matters concerned. Since seeing you I have listened to a great many presentations of the complications regarding dollar assets or transactions in connection with your zone and also the bi-zonal complications particularly as relates to the Ruhr. All of which makes a very complicated picture. I am seeing the British Ambassador to bring pressure on Bevin regarding the inadvisability of experimenting in the Ruhr at this time. However, Mr. Koenig yesterday expressed the fear that the British had gone too far in this to draw back.

You have my sympathy in the struggle you are having to compose differences on rather fundamental matters and to meet the difficulties imposed by the Soviet refusal to cooperate. It is hard to get the people in this country to understand the general nature of the situation in Europe, and Germany in particular, and the complications which are involved in your particular responsibilities. We have had frequent lengthy discussions in the meetings of the Secretaries of War, State and Navy regarding your problems and have been earnestly endeavoring to take action that will help you in their solution.

With warm regards,

Faithfully yours,

G. C. Marshall
  1. The Secretary of State also sent a copy of this letter to the Secretary of War Patterson on June 25 with the comment: “I hope it will help out in the present situation.” (740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–1947)
  2. Ante, p. 915.