740.00119 Control (Germany)/4–847: Telegram

The Acting Political Adviser for Germany (Heath) to the Secretary of State


830. ReDeptel 631, March 21,36 and Moscow Embassy’s 154, March 24.37 In reply to specific inquiry from SED Central Secretariat re party’s authorization US Zone, CAD, OMGUS, has replied that we have no objection to holding of KPD conventions throughout American zone to express party sentiment on question of merging KPD with SED, reserving, however, right to approve or disapprove such organizational change at a later date. In this connection, SED’s attention was drawn to current Moscow Conference discussion re unification Germany and establishment national German organizations including parties. Brief statement along these lines, omitting however reference Moscow Conference discussions, appeared Neues [Page 861] Deutschland and Taegliche Rundschau April 3; articles also announcing holding KPD conventions in all parts American zone during April for above purpose.

It seems clear that these conventions will unanimously vote for merger KPD US zone with SED. OMGUS plans consider question in light outcome Moscow discussions before making final decision either to admit SED in US Zone without requiring some quid pro quo, or requiring majority vote by both KPD and SPD party memberships.38

Though British have not yet made final decision re this matter, British Acting Political Adviser thinks they will not permit SED British Zone as long as a freely operating SPD is not permitted Soviet Zone. French Liaison Officer Stuttgart advises confidentially SED may be expected very shortly French Zone, possibly as result high level Paris negotiations. Thus far, however, no outward indications along this line.

Though opinion top SPD leaders is apparently not very strong either way, Schumacher seems inclined to think that authorization SED western zones would be good idea, tending to identify party and Communist cause there more closely with Soviets, and as SED would not be much larger than present KPD.

Sent to Dept, repeated to Moscow for Ambassador Murphy as 245 and to Paris as 144.

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  3. Telegram 929, April 18, from Berlin, not printed, reported that Gen. Clay, during a press conference at Frankfurt on April 16, made the following statement regarding prospects for the authorization of the Socialist Unity Party to operate in the United States zone:

    “Regarding authorization new parties, US policy insists only that they be organized on democratic foundations. I am not convinced SED established democratically. But as party has not yet made official application for authorization US zone, I cannot answer question. However, it is my opinion that its authorization is dependent upon that of SPD in Soviet Zone.” (740.00119 Control (Germany)/4–1847)