740.00119 Council/12–1247: Telegram

The Minister in Austria (Erhardt) to the United States High Commissioner for Austria (Keyes)11

top secret

143. Pass to General Keyes from Erhardt. Austria was topic of discussion at staff conference USDel today on basis memos submitted by Keyes12 and Dodge.13 No basic conflict between two memos. Dodge [Page 805] memo outlines immediate strategy Keyes memo outlines plan for achieving long-term objectives. No opposition voiced to Keyes memo.

Dodge memo after full discussion pros and cons of each issue comes up with following recommendations:

That US join in recommending a secret session of present CFM on Austria during course of which (1) the Soviets would be pressed once again to indicate acceptable basis for settlement, and (2) US would indicate willingness to renounce US property claims in German assets in Western Austria providing satisfactory treaty can be agreed;
That US reject any proposals for troop withdrawal; for bilaterial negotiation of German assets; or for unconditional renunciation of German assets in Western Austria;
That in the event no significant agreements are reached on Austria (1) US support special session of CFM dealing exclusively with Austria and (2) that US consider immediate modification of unnecessary occupation controls.

The Secretary has reserved decision pending further study on special CFM session. No objections raised to (B) above. In view these developments recommend Keyes hold plans for possible trip to London if desired. Meanwhile Kretzmann and I will delay departure and keep you informed of developments.

Sent Vienna 143, repeated Department 6462 [Delsec 1544].

  1. Transmitted through the Embassy in London.
  2. Ante, p. 795.
  3. Supra.