CFM Files: Lot M–88: Box 86: CFM (47) (L) Documents

Proposal by the United Kingdom Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers 91

CFM (47) (L) 12

Frontiers of Germany

The Deputies for Germany should establish an Allied Commission or Commissions to report on the territorial claims against Germany of the States neighbouring on Germany.

2. This Commission (These Commissions) should consist of representatives of the four occupying powers and of a convenient number of representatives of those allied states who are neighbours of Germany or who participated with their armed forces in the common struggle against Germany, including the state or states with a direct interest in the particular claim or claims under study.

3. This Commission (These Commissions) should be empowered to conduct such investigations as may be necessary in order to determine the effects of these claims on Germany. It (They) should report to the Council of Foreign Ministers at its next meeting.

4. This proposal is subject to the Council of Foreign Ministers reaching agreed decisions at its present meeting on the fundamental German problems under discussion.

  1. This paper was discussed by the Council of Foreign Ministers at its 4th Meeting, November 28, but not approved; see telegram 6249, Delsec 1509, November 28, from London, p. 736.