Vienna Legation Files–1947: 710 Treaty

The Acting United States High Commissioner for Austria (Keyes) to the United States High Commissioner for Austria (Clark) at Moscow


P–6905. For Clark. Austrian government is becoming increasingly uneasy as time continues to pass without an Austrian Delegation being invited to Moscow. They fear that current drafting of the treaty may crystallize before any views or information they might later give could be taken into consideration. They are also worried by absence of any official information regarding current proposals. Gruber has therefore seen Koptelov with reference to the suggestion of the Deputies in London that an Austrian Delegation stand by for Moscow, and has asked whether the Soviet government will not arrange immediately for the presence of one or more Austrian delegates in Moscow [Page 505] to stand by there instead of in Vienna. Meanwhile he hopes the Deputies meeting in Moscow will express a desire for this.95

  1. At its 11th Meeting, March 21, 1947, the Council of Foreign Ministers agreed to a proposal by Secretary Marshall that the Austrian Government be invited to send representatives to Moscow to be available for consultation with respect to the Austrian Treaty; for a summary report on that Council meeting, see telegram 927, Delsec 1330, March 21, from Moscow, p. 270.