740.0011 E.W. (Peace)/4–1447

The Secretary of State to the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Bevin)

Dear Mr. Bevin: I have carefully considered your letter of April 1126 regarding the signing of the German Peace Treaty.

I am glad that you appreciate our wish to spread responsibility for the acceptance of the Treaty over the German people as a whole, and to avoid so far as possible a repetition of the developments which followed the signature of the Versailles treaty by the German Government.

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I agree with you that if we insert in the constitution a clause which requires the acceptance and ratification of the Peace Treaty and the constitution is adopted by the German people, we will accomplish the principal purpose I had in mind. I will not object to the Treaty being signed and ratified by the German Government in accordance with its constitutional mandate.

Faithfully yours,

George C. Marshall

[For the Secretary of State’s personal report to President Truman on the status of proceedings in the closing stages of the Council’s session, see telegram 1425, Kosmos 48, April 17, from Moscow, page 351.]

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