740.00119 Council/4–247: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


530. Spaak tells me he is not encouraged by French attitude at Moscow and considers it would be most regrettable should France align herself with Russia rather than with US-UK. Has noted Stalin’s reception of Bidault96 and banquet given by French to Russian delegates. He says of course, Belgium is profoundly interested in and affected by foreign policy of France and he is not happy over recent tendencies of French to overlook necessity of supporting continuous participation by US and UK in German occupation. France, he said, continues to see problem solely in light of her own relations with Germany, which historically stem from 1870 onwards to latest war, but this he felt was serious error. In his view issue now was clearly drawn between Soviets on one hand, and Anglo-Saxons on other, and French failure to recognize such basic situation was incomprehensible. He deplored their insistent clamor annex Saar and for Ruhr coal as obscuring larger question of Germany’s future. In this connection he remarked Russia while herself enjoying absorption of Prussia, Silesia and expanded Poland into Soviet orbit was now pressing for unity of what remained of Germany to facilitate penetration and so be at control.

Repeated to Paris as 30, London 40 and Moscow.

  1. Regarding the Stalin-Bidault meeting of March 17, see telegram 974, Delsec 1339, March 24, from Moscow, p. 396.