811.24523/10–146: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru ( Cooper )

us urgent

835. Embtel 1036 Oct 1. Any delivery date satisfactory to Per Govt Gen Crittenberger and you satisfactory to War and Dept. However Dept considers of utmost importance that prior written agreement be reached with Per Govt re IPC claims as instructed Deptel 798 Sept 16. Proposed agreement should be cleared with Dept before execution same.

WarDept also reiterates necessity reaching prior understanding with Per Govt reg retention personnel for guarding US property and continuance ARP (Deptel 830 Oct 234). In this connection War and State attach great importance arrangement publicity outlined Deptel 798.

In view authorization given you Deptel 829 Oct 234 Dept presumes no surplus property will be left for disposal. Cable promptly if this is not case giving full details.

If last par your 1036 refers ARP Wardept states primary training almost completed. Commander El Pato should give you best estimate duration advanced training.

Advance copy your desp 299 Aug 3134 received yesterday. After we secure waivers from and deliver Base to Per Govt, IPC should apply to latter for permission drill test well.

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