811.24523/9–1246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State (Clayton) to the Ambassador in Peru (Cooper)


798. War Dept being requested formally to turn over El Pato, date and details to be arranged by Army representatives in conformity your suggestions.

[Page 1220]

Documents attesting delivery of Base and installations must include explicit statement same is effected without prejudice to title to soil and subsoil rights claimed under Peruvian law by IPC to be held by it in fee simple (Embdesps 336, 353 May 19 and 20, 194432). Waiver of future obligation of US to IPC or other persons or entities for use of said land must also be clearly expressed.

In view importance occasion Dept believes you should attend delivery ceremonies making speech touching upon US appreciation Peruvian collaboration in Continental defense etc. In order obviate future misunderstandings or possible charges by opposition elements of bad faith, it is important that statement be made by you, or preferably by high official Per Govt, prior to or during ceremony, to effect that continued presence at Talara of limited number US technicians is in connection with training Peruvian personnel. For your inf in the case of transfer Galápagos Base similar statement to press was made by Ecuad FonMin. If possible text of statement agreed upon by you and Per FonMin this sense should be transmitted Dept for simultaneous release by US press.

Request you advise Dept reg delivery arrangements arrived at by Emb WarDept representatives and Per authorities before execution same.

  1. Neither printed.