838.011/9–2646: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Haiti ( Tittmann )


288. Ur airgram 340 Sept 26.48 Emb requested to make strong representations against apparent ultimate purpose Article 35 (formerly 33) of new Haitian Constitution to bar all foreigners as members practicing clergy. Emb should point out foreign clergy in US generally enjoy equal rights with US citizens. Dept feels this portion Article 35 is further application of principle set forth in Article 15 empowering Govt to restrict professional and business occupations to Haitians and Emb should endeavor to secure its deletion. Separate communications being sent Emb on Haitian claim to Navassa Island49 set forth Article I new Constitution and on restrictions on economic activities foreigners in Articles 7, 8, 15.50

Emb should urge British and French Ministers to take similar action with respect to objectionable portion Article 35.

For your strictly confidential information Dept also fears exclusion foreigners as practicing clergy might be followed by attempted expropriation or confiscation foreign-owned church property.

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