838.011/10–446: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Haiti ( Tittmann )

A–240. Reference is made to Article I of the new Haitian Constitution which states that the Island of Navassa is an integral part of the territory of Haiti. Inasmuch as this Government regards Navassa as falling under the sovereignty of the United States, you are requested to address a note to the Haitian Government45 making formal reservation of the rights of the United States with regard to this Island. Particular reference is made in this connection to the Department’s instruction 218 of August 13, 1932 and the Embassy’s despatch 489 of September 12, 1932,46 regarding the action taken by [Page 925] this Government with respect to the Haitian Government’s claim to Navassa as expressed in Article I of the Haitian Constitution of 1932.

A separate communication is being sent the Embassy regarding provisions of the new Haitian Constitution restricting the business and commercial activities of foreigners.47

  1. Copy of note of October 9 transmitted to the Department with despatch 29, October 9, from Port-au-Prince, not printed.
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  3. Instruction 11, October 3, supra.