838.01/1–1646: Telegram

The Ambassador in Haiti ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State


Embtel 32, of Jan. 14.10 I received yesterday a note from the Haitian FonOff signed by Major Levelt stating that the Haitian Embassy in Washington has been instructed to request recognition. The note declares that the Executive Military Committee is recognized unreservedly throughout the entire territory of the Republic and has received the most complete popular support. It is determined to respect all international engagements assumed by the Republic of Haiti.

Information which I have obtained from reliable sources indicates that the Committee is in complete control of the Govt and enjoys the support of the student groups who commenced the revolution and of business circles. The press is uniformly favorable. Attitude of political groups is not so clear probably because of personal ambitions of various individuals but I doubt whether in view of assurances of committee to hold popular elections soon in order to establish a civilian [Page 907] constitutional govt that they will endeavor seriously to weaken the authority of the Committee. In addition they appear to be unable to draw up a plan for a provisional civilian govt. It must also be remembered that the Garde is the only force which can maintain order and that recognition by the US of the provisional military govt will undoubtedly strengthen its position. I believe that the members of the Committee have no political ambitions. They have refused to accept any compensation other than their military salaries. There are no indications whatever that the revolution was aided by Axis influences.

If the situation continues to remain tranquil I expect to be able to send the Dept definite recommendations for recognition in the very near future.

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