822.5151/4–2646: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Ecuador (Shaw)


176. Urtel 218 Apr. 25. You are authorized in your discretion either to make formal protest or other representations or both.

Protest should be based on commitments by Ec Govt on basis of which we drastically reduced PL and should express surprise or disappointment that in light of excellent cooperation in these matters in past Ec Govt should take this action without offering us opportunity to give our views and furnish evidence concerning cases. Note should not imply we have intransigent views with respect unblocking every and all persons now blocked but should stress we feel unblocking should only occur after careful review of all facts and not on nationality basis, alone.

Reur telephone conversation today with Scotten, Embassy has full evidence why funds in question should not be unblocked.