822.5151/4–2546: Telegram

The Chargé in Ecuador (Shaw) to the Secretary of State


218. The Quito press of this morning published order No. 90 based on Executive Decree No. 854 of June 11, 1943 ordering the unblocking of property and funds belonging to Ecuadoran citizens which may have been blocked because of their having been on the Proclaimed List or for any other reason. It provides that said Ecuadoran citizens may engage in any activity without restriction, thus attempting to remove them from the restrictions of the Proclaimed List.

There are only 3 admittedly Ecuadoran persons on the Proclaimed List, their names being Clemente Baquerizo, Orrantia Gonzales and Pino Roca. No attempt has been made to determine which firms on the Proclaimed List may be defined as Ecuadoran.

Order No. 89, also published today, unblocks the property and funds of Fernando Schimanetz (formerly Proclaimed List and internee in the US) and returns those properties and funds to him.

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The foregoing action violates both the spirit and the letter of actual and implied commitments of the Ecuadoran Government.

The orders referred to have not yet been published in the official register and thus may not have been put into effect.

Instructions are respectfully requested as to whether a formal protest should be lodged or if other representations should be made.