710. Consultation 4/3–946: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina and Haiti


Please seek interview at earliest opportunity with FonMin to say following to him, covering which a closely paraphrased aide-mémoire should be left:

Irrespective of outcome of Argentina elections, which were no factor in this Govt’s preparation and submission to other American republics of memorandum concerning Argentina19 handed to Chiefs of Mission here on Feb 11, it is the firm position of Govt of United States that evidence of complicity with the enemy of elements which dominate Farrell-Perón Govt is so overwhelming that it compels our refusal to sign mutual assistance pact with any Govt in which those same elements play a principal role.
We are not concerned with what type of Govt Argentine electorate chooses for itself, but rather with specified elements in whom confidence is entirely lacking.
We believe that sufficient time has passed for Govts to have studied our memorandum and you should say that we would welcome Govt’s official expression of views and recommended action thereon as early as possible. Included in the reply which the Govt may wish to make on our memorandum, we in particular would desire its views on conclusion of mutual assistance pact with a Govt controlled by elements such as those described in our memorandum. You should express the hope that the Govt’s reply will be one which it will itself publish or authorize this Govt to publish as part of the general consultation.
Once views of all of American republics have been expressed and made public as contemplated by (2) above, consensus of opinion [Page 7] of Govts of all American republics concerned will be available in clear and concise form.

In event Govt to which you are accredited has already submitted its reply, you should discuss matter in an appropriate way with FonMin and inquire from him whether his Govt plans to make its reply public and express hope that, if that not be the case, he authorize this Govt to do so.

  1. Known as the “Blue Book”; Department of State, Consultation Among the American Republics With Respect to the Argentine Situation (Washington, 1946).