740.32112A/5–846: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil ( Daniels )


A–414. Urtel 847, May 8. After careful consideration, Department believes that the immediate withdrawal of the Proclaimed List for Brazil is not feasible since similar action would be necessary for countries with records nearly as good or equal to Brazil. Missions in some of these countries believe withdrawal should be postponed as long as possible to support completion of the Replacement Program and to assure satisfactory ultimate disposition of Axis assets.

[Page 463]

Department endeavored to give recognition for superior accomplishments in Replacement Program in size and timing of deletion of minor offenders. Withdrawal of the List for all American Republics before withdrawal for Europe would complicate the Argentine situation.

British favor withdrawal for all countries simultaneously.

If the Brazilian authorities raise objection when the List is withdrawn for all countries, you should explain that this Government recognizes Brazil’s accomplishments but did not consider earlier withdrawal expedient since this would give rise to odious comparisons, would have necessitated similar action for certain other countries in the case of which such action was not opportune, and that this Government gave recognition in the size and timing of deletion of minor and intermediate offenders.


[For announcement of the Withdrawal of the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals, see press release of July 9, 1946, Department of State Bulletin, July 21, 1946, p. 112.]