740.32112A/5–846: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State


847. Embassy understands that Proclaimed List will not be withdrawn from Western Hemisphere on date originally planned but will be completely terminated throughout world on June 30. Simultaneous withdrawal on world-wide basis would (1) constitute failure to recognize the effective cooperation Brazil has given us throughout the war and the far-reaching measures she has adopted to eliminate Axis influence within her borders; (2) place Brazil in the same category with certain countries such as Spain and Sweden which worked with the enemy throughout the conflict.

There is every reason to believe that such treatment of Brazil would be most disillusioning to the many official Brazilians who did their utmost to stamp out Axis activities and influence; rightly or wrongly it would be resented by the Government which has always taken the stand that Brazil is a full-pledged Ally on the side of the Democracies and it would raise the question of the value of Brazil’s cooperation in the future.

The Embassy strongly urges that these factors be given most favorable consideration in connection with the termination of the Proclaimed List and in recognition thereof that the List be withdrawn from Brazil immediately; this without prejudice to continuance Brazilian action to complete her nationalization, liquidation and replacement program.