The Secretary of War (Patterson) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: The War Department has placed in the category of surplus the following installations located in Brazil:

  • USAFSA Headquarters and 200th Station Hospital, Recife, Brazil
  • Mucuripe Tank Farm, Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Mucuripe Housing Area, Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Mata Tank Farm, Belem, Brazil
  • Natal Dunas Tank Farm, Natal, Brazil31

These installations are located on land included in the Decree Laws of the United States of Brazil.

Disposition is to be made generally in accordance with the provisions of prior agreements rather than by sale by the Foreign Liquidation Commission. It is requested that definite disposition instructions be given for each of the aforementioned facilities.

Information summaries for each of the above listed installations are inclosed herewith.32

Sincerely yours,

Robert P. Patterson
  1. According to War Department Notices of Surplus Declaration, the amount of investment by the United States in these installations was, respectively, $606,749.00; not known; $192,539.00; $331,673.00; not known (832.24/4–2046).
  2. None printed.