824.504/2–446: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia ( Adam ) to the Secretary of State


94. Delivered oral message this morning to Sub Secretary for FonAff contained in Deptel 57 February 2, at same time handing him printed distribution copy Lechín’s letter. Sub Secretary stated there was no general anti-American feeling at mines and Lechín expressed personal view. He said any struggle was on basis of have’s versus have not’s. I remarked that it would be unfortunate if in the course of this general economic struggle Americans were killed or seriously injured because such an eventuality would not only cause highly unfavorable press reaction in the US but would unquestionably lead to large percentage American mine employees leaving Bolivia with obvious disastrous consequences Bolivian economy.

Sub Secretary ended interview by indicating fears over widespread violence unjustified and that it was in Government’s own best interest to prevent such violence although at present time all over the world a small incident could cause trouble during a strike.