711.9327/10–946: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Davis)

2006. Other than reference to “and beyond” mentioned your 1622 Oct 9 in connection with Chinese route to New York, we had not realized that Chinese had desired this additional phrase for each their routes (Your 133 [2133] Oct 31). Such extension not mentioned Your 1471 Sept 12 giving Chinese route descriptions under Section B Annex. Whereas this phrase is included our route descriptions because US routes actually contemplated to specific onward points, we [Page 1255] dislike precedent including it re foreign routes entering US without more knowledge of their extended destination. However, if Chinese strongly insist we reluctantly agree to add “and beyond” provided you make clear this does not commit us to adding additional traffic points in US territory re any Chinese route.

Sent Shanghai; reptd Nanking as Deptel 989.