711.9327/10–3146: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Davis) to the Secretary of State

2133. Powell to Norton. Reference paragraph 4 Deptel 1956, October 30.44

Article 2B amended as you requested. Article 3 to remain in agreement at request of Chinese Government. Article 7 amended as you requested. Article 11 amended as you requested. Section 2 of Bermuda Annex on rates would be included in this agreement as section D.

Will give you new language of original letter to be written by United States. Will incorporate such rephrasing as is necessary to constitute an appropriate original letter by United States and to take care of the final agreement reached on Mukden.

It will not be feasible to eliminate the words “and beyond” from each of the Chinese routes described in section B of annex. Chinese want these words included because they are included on our routes in section A and they attach great importance to these words as making the routes identical and therefore reciprocal. [Powell.]

Repeated to Nanking as 1205.

  1. See telegram No. 953, supra.