893.00 Mongolia/1–946: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

60. The National Government issued the following communiqué January 5:

“On October 20, 1945 a plebiscite was held by the people of Outer Mongolia, and Vice-Minister Lei Fa-chang of the Ministry of the Interior was sent there by the Central Government as an official observer. According to a report recently submitted by the Outer Mongolia officials in charge of the plebiscite proceedings, the result of the plebiscite has confirmed that the people of Outer Mongolia are in favor of independence. In accordance with a resolution of the Supreme National Defense Council, this Government now recognizes the independence of Outer Mongolia, and the Executive Yuan has duly directed the Ministry of the Interior to officially notify the Government of Outer Mongolia of this decision.”

Sent to Department as 60, repeated to Moscow as 10.