125.3516/6–2146: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

1020. Radio transmitting and receiving facilities now established at Dairen and can be placed in operation immediately upon arrival radio operator there. More important obstacle, however, is apparent reluctance of Soviet authorities to grant permission for operation radio station (ReDeptel June 18th, 12 noon,32 relay from Moscow to Nanking, Department’s 285, June 1233 and previous messages same subject). Benninghoff has now been at Dairen for more than 2 months and Embassy has been unable to communicate with him. Although attitude Soviet authorities appears correct toward Benninghoff and his office, his complete isolation from outside world makes office relatively useless at this critical time.

Embassy considers it of great importance for communications to be established between Consul General in Dairen and his Government. If permission to operate a radio station has not been obtained from Soviet Govt, it is suggested the Dept give consideration to the advisability of immediately requesting authority for a U. S. Navy ship, say a destroyer, to call at Dairen once a week for the purpose of delivering and picking up despatches. It is entirely possible that the suggestion of a Naval destroyer sailing into the harbor at Dairen would be even less palatable to Soviet taste than the operation of a radio station.

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