125.3516/6–1846: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Davis) to the Secretary of State

1076. Reference Department’s 1059, June 13, 6 p.m.28 Consulate General informed equipment landed Dairen without incident June 6 and technician proceeded with installation. Benninghoff discussed matter with Lt. Gen. Kosloff, who would not take responsibility authorizing use of American transmitting station without consulting higher authority. He indicated he would refer matter to his superiors. Akins, who is here, believes receiving equipment could be used and suggests sending in properly documented operator (Department will recall that operator who accompanied Akins not permitted to land for lack proper documentation).

I recommend that employment of operator be authorized by Department and that arrangements be made to send him to Dairen to enable Dairen to receive messages if this should prove feasible and [Page 1176] that Department take up question of obtaining agreement of Soviet Government to the use of the transmitter.

It is suggested further that Department approach War Shipping Administration with view to authorizing diversion of a coal ship to Dairen once or twice a month until such time as normal communications are restored.

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