893.60 Manchuria/5–1545: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden ( Clubb ) to the Secretary of State

74. Am informed by reliable Chinese official that there exist no joint Sino-Soviet enterprises in Manchuria area under present National [Page 1126] Govt. control. This statement is technically exclusive of Chinese Changchun railway but it is to be noted that Soviets are not participating by report in administration section currently operated under National Govt. military jurisdiction.

Dept. will appreciate situation probably different in area under Chinese Communist control as well as in Dairen.

ReDeptel April 30, 5 p.m., same informant stated that of upwards 20 Mukden economic enterprises taken over by Soviets at time occupation all but 2 or 3 breweries have been recovered in seriatim but that Soviets still claim possession certain local dwellings under “pretense” of purchase.

Repeated Nanking as 38.