Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to the Acting Secretary of State

1406. Dear Acheson: Admiral Cooke and I have discussed at length the matter set forth in your message relayed to me by Colonel Carter.49 I approved his plan which is similar to the one apparently mentioned to you by the Secretary of Navy.50 Further than this I authorized Admiral Cooke to begin turning over train convoys and bridge guards at an early date so as to obligate national forces to assume these duties. This will accomplish a double purpose.

The Marines will be relieved of some of their present functions thus permitting their concentration. At the same time this will require available national forces recently arrived in Chinwangtao and due for Manchuria to dispose southward instead of northward into Jehol and Manchuria which I am convinced will arouse serious Communist reactions.

G. C. Marshall
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  2. James Forrestal.