Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to President Truman 11

1743. Dear Mr. President: Yesterday, Sunday morning, the Chief of Staff, General Chen Cheng sent me a request to call a meeting of the Committee of Three. I sent the request to General Chou who was due to call on me at 11. He came and remained 3 hours, including lunch. He was opposed, in an indeterminate way, to the Committee of Three meeting in view of complete failure to reach any agreement regarding National Assembly, which they wished to have postponed until representation, reorganization of State Council and Executive Yuan and draft of constitution could be completed. However, he finally agreed to a meeting, termed by him as informal, which the Government then agreed to for ten this Monday morning.

Meanwhile there was an informal meeting of the Political Consultative Council Steering Committee, the first since April 24, I think, which terminated with a Communist request for a postponement of the National Assembly until end of the month. This request is being transmitted to Generalissimo by a non-party member of influence, Mo Teh Hui of Manchuria.

The Committee of Three met at ten today at my house, the Chief of Staff Chen on one side and Chou on the other. Much talk recounting past bitter experiences, but at my request carried on with considerable restraint. Chou’s point is that it appears futile to go about arrangements for termination of hostilities when unilateral and unswerving action of Government regarding illegal (according to Political Consultative Council resolutions) convocation of National Assembly means a definite split in China. However, I had the Government submit its proposal in detail and finally secured Choirs agreement to transmit it to Yenan for prompt reply, he meanwhile studying the matter and proceeding on basis that whatever the political impasse at this time, he would go along with us in working for an agreement for formal termination of hostilities.

That is the situation at the moment. I will notify you promptly of last minute actions regarding National Assembly.

G. C. Marshall
  1. Copy transmitted to the Secretary of State by the War Department on November 11.