Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum Prepared by the Embassy in China

There are set forth suggested specific points which might be made by the Generalissimo in a public statement.

1. Last night orders were issued for all Government troops to remain in their present positions and to cease fire except as may be necessary to defend their present positions. This was done as an earnest of the sincere desire of the Government to reach an agreement for the restoration of peace and unity.

2. In order to broaden the base of the Government and to bring more quickly to an end the period of political tutelage, the Government furthermore proposes the immediate reorganization of the National Government State Council on the following basis:

Kuomintang members 20
Communist Party members 10
Democratic League members 4
Youth Party members 4
Non-party members 2

3. The State Council will immediately initiate steps for the reorganization of the Executive Yuan. I would propose that this reorganization be on the following basis: seven heads of the various ministries and commissions of the Government to be divided among parties and groups outside the Kuomintang and I would further propose that of the present eighteen ministries and commissions the division be as follows:

Kuomintang 11
Communist Party 3
Democratic League 2
Youth Party 2

Of the principal ministries with portfolio one to the Communist Party, one to the Democratic League. In addition to the above eighteen there [Page 476]shall be five Ministers Without Portfolio, all of whom should be nonparty members.*

4. The National Assembly will be convened on November 12. It shall thereafter be adjourned until the following two conditions shall have been fulfilled; (1) the reorganization of the State Council and the Executive Yuan have been completed; and (2) the Draft Constitution Committee shall have completed its work on the basis of the principles set forth in the PCC agreements. When these two conditions have been fulfilled, the National Assembly shall proceed with the adoption of the Draft Constitution as presented.

Until the adoption of the Constitution, all affairs relating to local administration and military dispositions shall remain in status quo to be settled thereafter in accordance with the provisions of the new Constitution except insofar as adjustments in military dispositions during the interim period may be ordered by the Three-Man Committee.

  1. Embassy would suggest some such allocation: to the Communist Party—Ministry of Communications, or, alternately, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Ministry of Social Affairs and the National Health Administration; to the Democratic League—Ministry of Economic Affairs, or, alternately, the Ministry of Education and the National Conservancy Commission. [Footnote in the original.]