Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and General Chang Chih-ehung at House 28, Chungking, February 15, 1946, 10 a.m.

Also present: Col. Caughey
Col. Pee

General Marshall thanked General Chang for coming on such short notice and stated that he wanted to get straightened out prior to this afternoon’s meeting the question of how many Communist army commanders should be permitted in the integrated army program. General Marshall stated that he believed the Communists would ask for seven army commanders which was three more than presently shown in the integration schedule of the plan. General Marshall informed General Chang that he did not want to participate in any argument about this but that he believed General Chang should be prepared to give the Communists more than four army commanders. These additional commanders could command armies consisting of two National and one Communist division and which were located in less important areas.

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General Marshall then informed General Chang that General Chou may ask for one service area director and that General Chang should be thinking about which service area a Communist commander might appropriately be assigned to.

General Marshall informed General Chang that he had not wished to draw out the conversations at yesterday’s meeting with reference to the ultimate number of Communist divisions in the first stage since that might precipitate discussions as to the composition within the 15% authorized for supporting troops. General Marshall further informed General Chang that this would be a bargaining point which he (General Chang) could use in making concessions to the Communists.

General Marshall then brought up the question of military police and indicated that at the moment he did not have a solution. He stated that it may be possible to include military police battalions under the jurisdiction of the provincial governors. General Marshall offered the opinion that this problem may have to be resolved on a high government level. General Chang stated that he was collecting information and that he would like to talk to General Marshall on this problem. He further stated that he would like to have the Chief of Military Police call on General Marshall.

It was agreed between General Marshall and General Chang that the existence of military police, even though eliminated at a later date, should probably be retained during the interim period.