Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and General Chou En-lai, at House 28, Chungking, February 14, 1946, 3 p.m.

Also present: Colonel Caughey
Mr. Chang

General Chou opened the meeting by stating that his representative from Yenan had returned yesterday and brought the following information:

Yenan desires 20 Communist divisions during the first stage and during the second stage 10 Communist as compared to 50 National divisions;
Yenan approves of the idea of integration in the first stage, however it may be wiser in the long run to prepare for integration in the first stage and integrate in the second stage to make for a smoother operation. General Chou has been authorized to negotiate and plan on this matter;
Yenan is concerned about the supply system and desires to have supply issues made by the Service Area Director direct to divisions or smaller units. General Marshall agreed that procurement of supplies should rest with Service Area Director but that it may be appropriate to issue to divisions and smaller units;
Yenan would like to know if the garrison areas for armies should be stipulated and whether divisions should be separated and concentrated. General Marshall stated this would depend on existing conditions and these matters would be developed in the detailed plan.

A general discussion regarding Military Police ensued. General Chou was anxious to determine how the Military police would be directed and indicated that the question of railroad guards would also have to be considered. General Marshall stated that it may be preferable to have no Military Police as such but that some sort of constabulary may have to be worked out.