Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson to General Marshall

6183. In examining further question of dispatching Executive Headquarters Conflict Control Team to investigate attack on Marine convoy vicinity Anping 29 July, Reourad 6159,14 following considerations [Page 1422] which not only relate to present incident but involve future position of this Hqs have been weighed.

No legal basis exists in directives of Committee of Three or this Hqs for investigation of armed conflict other than between Chinese factions.
Marines are required to conduct an official investigation of incident. Findings of this investigation may be at variance with findings of Executive Hqs Tripartite Team.
In event Conflict Control Team discovers facts which require conclusion that Communist Party is responsible for attack, counter charges of bias may be brought against American Branch and our position as impartial mediator may be jeopardized in future negotiations.

In view of foregoing, Conflict Control Team will not be sent from this Headquarters unless you deem it advisable from your viewpoint.

  1. July 29, not printed.