893.00/7–2346: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1180. [To Kunming:] In view your message 67, July 1976 informing Embassy receipt written guarantees protection and safety refugees at Consulate General and Deptstel 472, July 18 (63 to Kunming)77 Embassy fails understand action taken your 68, July 22.78

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Onus for subsequent injury Chinese persons concerned now clearly placed on local authorities. Consul General can not assume role permanent protector any political party or alleged oppressed group in China without laying itself open accusation partisanship.

You may correctly express concern regarding adequacy of measures taken by garrison commander to special commissioner Ministry of Foreign Affairs but you should avoid placing Consul General in position of passing final judgment on such measures in absence further overt acts.

Furthermore protection consular premises is responsibility local authorities. Embassy considers posting armed guards, inferred from your message to be American, most unwise and could very likely aggavate situation. In final analysis Consul [Consulate?] General is not in position to defend either itself or refugees therein from concerted action of any organized group; particularly if that group has strong official support as implied by your message. Embassy considers your best course is to inform garrison commander through a special commissioner that you accept in good faith his assurances and assume that he will make adequate dispositions for the protection of refugees now on your premises. You should thereupon expedite their departure. In the meantime Embassy again express to FonOff its concern with regard to the state of terror existing among intellectuals at Kunming.

[To] Kunming as 67.

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