Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson69 to General Marshall

5804. Word has been received from Colonel Davis, United States member senior [senior member] Field Team 7, that General Clement70 believes there is little possibility of commanders meeting at Tsingtao in near future. Also that he has no further use for Team 7. Field Team 15 is presently operative and is in Tsingtao while no team is presently operative at Tsinan. Unless you disapprove, contemplated that Team 7 will be returned to Tsinan to continue original mission. Team 7 will however remain alerted for return to Tsingtao to assist General Clement at such time as it appears likely that a meeting can be arranged.

  1. American Commissioner of Executive Headquarters at Peiping.
  2. Brig. Gen. William T. Clement, Commanding General, U. S. 4th Marines (Reinf.).