Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer to General Marshall

20945. Reference your 67. I deem it mandatory that the demobolization program adopted by the Chinese Central Government be continued phased in accordance with ability to absorb officers and men separated from the service into labor battalions, vocational schools, agricultural pursuits and any other worthwhile activities. The large number of divisions now existing are a cancerous sore which must be eliminated to stabilize economy and furthermore to insure concentration of governmental financial support upon a reasonable number of divisions which can then be made effective. I would not demobilize the Alpha armies or make any changes at this time in armies employed on important missions or scheduled for such employment in the near future. Such employment involves only a few armies and I strongly recommend that the demobilization plan with the above exceptions be continued. I would be glad to have you quote me to the above effect to the Generalissimo. My 20060 explains perhaps the reason that the Generalissimo misunderstood my request that he exempt the New Sixth Army from his demobilization order.