Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Mr. Walter S. Robertson, at Peiping

1077. Orders to National and Communist forces is subject. My 106290 refers. I have now gotten from General Yu Ta-wei a copy of the order issued by the National Government to its field commanders. That order follows:

“We have specially issued the following orders: If the Communist troops do not attack our force, then our troops will not attack the Communists troops. But should the Communist troops attack our troops, then our troops may take self defensive measures for the purpose of protecting lives and properties of the people and to maintain law and order. This order is being distributed and strict compliance by all units is required. It is also required that the date of receipt of this order be reported. Generalissimo Chiang.”

This order was first issued 1 June [July] to commanders in Manchuria and it was reiterated on 5 June [July] to all commanders in all of China. I have had a copy of this order forwarded to General Chou En-lai requesting that he immediately issue similar orders to all Communist commanders in all of China. Will keep you advised.

  1. July 6, p. 1307.