893.00/7–746: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

1098. Jamming continued to hamper reception of Yenan English language broadcast for week ending July 5. Material received consisted principally of attacks on Kuomintang and on United States. One item cited pledge by new Democratic League Army in Manchuria, formed by Kmt officers and Yenan, to fight for peace and end of one-party rule. Another item alleged capture of Kmt attack plans against Communist Hupeh–Honan pocket; also numerous reports of fighting in that area as well as Shantung and Hopei.

One long story repeated previous accounts of Nanking incident in which Shanghai delegates assaulted by government agents. Another item charged that whereas liberated areas are carrying out their part of Yellow River Agreement, Kmt has so far failed to carry out its part and UNRRA has only performed 50 percent of commitment. Yenan Emancipation Daily editorial of twenty-fifth anniversary of founding of Chinese Communist Party was long eulogy of Party’s struggle for good of China and determination to continue until peoples’ victory won. It stated difference between Koumintang and Communists is that Kmt takes from people and Communists give to them.

Attacks continued on U. S. military aid bill to China. One item detailed American military aid given so far and showed how it had been used against people. It was reported Shanghai Workers Federation has appealed to American workers to stop this military aid and cease intervention in internal Chinese affairs. One long item strongly criticized recent Acheson statement71 justifying American aid, charging actual facts far cry from policy of peace, unity and reconstruction. “It is a well-known fact that American Government [Page 1310] is backing only Fascist warlord clique within the Kuomintang.” If US wants peace it will stop military aid which can only fan up civil war. US troops instead of devoting themselves solely to repatriating Japs are really being used against Chinese people. Another item reported Manchurian United Democratic Army protests against American aid.

Yenan Chinese number code broadcast on July 4 contained article alleging American policy toward Philippines in 1900 was purely imperialistic and designed to use islands as principal American Pacific base and that this policy has never changed. Also charged that “after the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Americans very soon withdrew from the Philippines, leaving the Filipinos under the iron heel of the Japanese invader”, but that the Filipinos themselves never stopped fighting for their freedom. American successes in retaking Philippines were in large part due to efforts of these native troops.

Sent Department 1098; Department please repeat Moscow.

  1. Of June 28; see Department of State Bulletin, July 7, 1946, p. 34.