Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Mr. Walter S. Robertson, at Peiping

1062. Have contacted Government officials regarding your 484769 and have found after several lengthy discussions that the Government has not, in spite of the Generalissimo’s assurances to me to the contrary, issued orders to National field commanders subsequent to 7 June relative to aggressive military actions. I was assured however that the orders issued applied to field commanders in North and Central China as well as those commanders in Manchuria. Contact with the Communist representatives indicates much the same status except that their initial orders on 7 June were to Manchurian field commanders with information copies to commanders in China proper. I have however gotten commitment out of both sides to press this matter to issue new orders and should have that information available soon. I will keep you advised.

  1. July 1, p. 1273.