Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Lieutenant Colonel Claire E. Hutchin to General Marshall

General Marshall: Gen. Chou said that the discussion he had with the Generalissimo this morning was confined to the four points which he has been conferring with you. These are the Northern Kiangsu issue, the Tsingtao-Tsinan railroad, the Chengte question, and the Antung problem. Generalissimo has appointed Dr. Wang Shih Chieh,38 Mr. Shao Li-tse39 and General Chen Cheng40 to carry on further negotiation on these four points with Gen. Chou; and a conference among them is scheduled for 8:30 this evening at Gen. Chen’s residence. General Chou felt that there is no need for him to see you today but he would like to have an appointment with you at 1030 tomorrow morning.41

  1. Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Kuomintang member of the Political Consultative Conference.
  3. Chief of the Chinese General Staff.
  4. Notation by Colonel Hutchin: “Col. Tychsen had a 2 o’clock appointment with Gen. Chou. I sent Capt. Soong along. At close of the hour, Gen. Chou had this message for you.” Col. Andrew C. Tychsen was Assistant Chief of Staff of Executive Headquarters at Peiping, on duty at Nanking a few days before proceeding to an assignment to take charge of the Advance Section at Changchun. Capt. John L. Soong was U. S. Army interpreter.