Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Hsu Yung-chang to General Marshall

No. 013

Colonel Caughey’s memorandum of 13 June11 together with draft on “Termination of Hostilities in Manchuria” sent to me on 13 June was received, and my suggested amendments to the draft are as below:

Amendments to the original draft:
“May be carried out” in item d amended to read “May be carried out within the garrisoned areas”.
Item f should be eliminated because it contradicts with the stipulation in the cessation of hostilities agreement of January 10 which states “It will not prejudice the movements of Government troops into and within Manchuria”.
This paper should be signed at the same time when “the newly drafted agreement on detail procedures in the restoration of communications” and “the amended plan for reorganization and integration of the Communist Army into the National Army”.
Regarding General Chou En-lai’s suggested amendments,12 we can agree to all except the following:
In Item c, we still agree to the original 30 li.
In Item c, the original wording “In the event of disagreement the decision of the senior American officer in the Advance Section of Executive Headquarters at Changchun will be accepted.” should not be changed.

Please acknowledge the above 1 and 2.

Hsu Yung Chang
  1. See footnote 78, p. 1044.
  2. See draft of June 17, p. 1074.